Gunworks Machine, LLC is a full service machine shop complete with manual mills, manual lathe, CNC machining center, CNC lathe, as well as offering laser engraving. We do machining on AR uppers, AR lowers & stock slides with designs and lightening cuts/ports. Depending on the model, we machine slides for RMRs. We can help you make your firearm personal and unique.


After machining, a finish is applied to slides and barrels to protect the metal from corrosion. We offer Cerakote in a multitude of solid colors and multi-color designs. We offer a variety of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings for Glock, Beretta, HK, & Springfield slides and all barrels.


The following is a list of barrel work that we offer:
• Cut and Recrown Barrels
• Thread Rifle Barrels
• Shorten Long Rifle Barrels
• Clock Muzzle Brakes, etc.
• Pin & Weld Brakes


• Glock models only–Undercut Trigger Guard (single or double)
• Grip stippling is done on polymer frames. In most cases, we can remove any existing finger grooves if desired.
• Our stippling is done by hand so each firearm has a unique and personal touch.


At this time, we only offer laser engraving on pistol slides and AR uppers. Whether you want something small, or the complete side of your slide, this is another great way to personalize your firearm and make it special.




Smith & Wesson


Other Manufacturers


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About Us

Gunworks Machine LLC

Take your firearm from factory to amazing through the combination of custom machining & custom coatings.

Gunworks Machine, LLC was started in 2013 as a spin-off of our tool and die company which was started in 1980. Our experience and commitment to high-quality machining gives us the ability to offer customers precision personalization of their firearms through the use of manual and CNC lathes, a CNC machining center and manual mills. We hold a Type 07 FFL which allows us to work on all parts of the firearm including frames & receivers along with sales & transfers. We also hold a Class 2 SOT to help you out with all of your silencer and SOT needs.