Barrel Work

We offer the following list of work on barrels:
• Cut and Recrown Barrels
• Thread Rifle Barrels
• Shorten Long Rifle Barrels
• Clock Muzzle Brakes, etc.
• Pin & Weld Brakes
• Polish and PVD Coat Pistol Barrels

When we machine barrels, we use a live center so the cuts we make are centered on the inner diameter of the barrel, not the outer diameter. We have found that from the factory, sometimes the outer diameter of a barrel will be slightly off center from the inner diameter. This has been found in both long barrels and pistol barrels from a wide variety of manufacturers. If the outer diameter is used to center the machining, the bullet can sometimes punch a hole through the side of whatever attachment is on the end of the barrel, instead of exiting via the hole it is supposed to exit through.